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New Product

Opsson U80

Opsson U80, Big battery, Double speaker for loud sound

Tk 1555

New Product

Opsson C15 FM

Opsson C15 FM, shinny color and excellent quality.

Tk 1100

Coming Soon

Opsson S1

Opsson S1, break through the limit of your smartphone.

Tk 0

New Product

Opsson L1

Opsson L1, best choice for low budget 3G Android Smartphone user with large memory space.

Tk 5249

New Product

Opsson IVO 6655

Enjoy the smartness of Opsson IVO 6655 with slim and elegant design. Powered by power bank.

Tk 9749

New Product

Opsson P6

Opsson P6, long standby smartphone, 3000mAh battery for business professional

Tk 8449

New Product

Opsson Genesis 1

Lets enjoy the high speed smart experience with Opsson Genesis 1

Tk 11249

Opsson C15 Lime

Opsson C15Lime, basic phone with excellent quality.

Tk 1050

Opsson C15 Bomb

Opsson C15Bomb, longest battery 1.77'' mobile.

Tk 1100

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